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Attached to this post is my first feeble attempt at a list of individual soldiers who died on the Maryland Campaign of 1862 – those killed or mortally wounded in action, or otherwise died as a result of their presence there. As far as I know there is no single, comprehensive list anywhere. This one is a start.

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I have been motivated in part by the upcoming memorial reading of the names of the Dead of Antietam at the Antietam National Cemetery on Sunday, September 16.  ANB Ranger Alann Schmidt  is leading the effort, and put out a call for names to add to the lists of local burials he already has available (National Cemetery, Rose Hill,  Mt Olivet, and Elmwood).  I hope to be able to contribute some others.

The following nicely summarizes what we’re up against here, though. It’s from the folks at the Western Maryland Regional Library:

According to the Antietam National Battlefield website 2,100 Union solders were killed, 9,550 were wounded, and 750 were listed as missing or captured. Of the Confederate soldiers, 1,550 were killed, 7,750 were wounded and 1,020 missing or captured. The number of men who died of their wounds or the number of missing who had been killed is not known. A conservative estimate of 20% of the wounded dying of their wounds and 30% of the missing killed gives an approximate number of soldiers who died as a result of this battle at 7,640.

This doesn’t even consider the hundreds who died in other action and of other causes during the Campaign – on South Mountain, at Harpers Ferry, at Shepherdstown, and in all the skirmishes in between.

The initial list contains a little over 2,700 names – less than 1/3 of those who died.  I’m adding names to my database at a good clip, though, so the list will get larger over time. I plan to post new editions here periodically.

The Current List

  [PDF 1.5M] Cover

  [PDF 52K] Introduction/Guide 

  [PDF 1 MB] The Dead List (4872 names, grouped by State)  v6.0 8 March 2015

  [PDF 1 MB] The Dead List (4872 names, alphabetical)  v6.0 8 March 2015

Older Files

  [PDF 713K] The Dead List (4386 names)  v5.0 24 March 2013

[PDF 536K] The Dead List (3688 names) v4.0 6 January 2013

[PDF 484K] The Dead List (3316 names) v3.0 21 October 2012

[PDF 472K] The Dead List (3016 names) v2.0 9 September 2012

[PDF 472K] The Dead List (2722 names) v1.0 24 August 2012


The iconic photograph here is by Alexander Gardner. He took it on September 19th or 20th, 1862 on the battlefield at Antietam, and titled it “A Lonely Grave“. Bill Frassanito did some masterful research for his book and identified the grave in question as that of Private John Marshall of the 28th Pennsylvania Infantry. I got my copy of the photograph from the Library of Congress.

The quote above from the Western Maryland Regional Library is on their fine WHILBR site in a page about Confederate burials on the campaign.

3 Responses to “Antietam 150: The Dead of the Maryland Campaign”

  1. T.F. says:

    A great-great-uncle of mine was Private WIlliam Moore Sayre of Co K 66th OVI. Missed Antietam becuase he was detailed to guard Regimental Cattle. however he was at Gettysburg with the 66th OVI. He died of wounds in a skirmish June 16, 1864 In Georgia. He is buried in National Cemetery, Marietta Georgia but as an unknown-his id was apparently lost. Sorry no known picture of him. See find a grave # 41082840

  2. Bill Marvel says:

    If you are looking for additional names, I noticed that you had no killed from the U.S. Sharpshooters. I was looking specifically for Robert F. Twombly, Co. G, 2nd USSS, who was killed in the Cornfield, to see if he was buried (as I presume) in Antietam National Cemetery. The grave locator lists no Twombly.

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks Bill! I’ve added a page for Private Twombly. I couldn’t find his burial place either, though. I’ll get to adding others of the Sharpshooters who were at Antietam as I can.

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