A severely damaged painted portrait of Captain Thomas A Baber, Jr. He commanded Company E of the 5th Texas Infantry and was wounded at Sharpsburg. Picture posted to his Findagrave memorial by Warren S. Balkcom.

From The Philadelphia Inquirer of 3 October 1862: the parole of Adjutant James P. Perot and 95 other members of his regiment who were captured in the fight at Boteler’s Ford near Shepherdstown, VA on 20 September 1862.

Doctor Jones was Assistant Surgeon of the 4th Texas Infantry at Sharpsburg. He married Mary Kennon Crisp in 1867. His picture c. 1900 from the Confederate Veteran (Vol. 12, May 1904); hers c. 1870 from the journal The Junior Historian (Austin, TX; Vol. 22, September 1961).

QuickPix: Point DeGalle

12 January 2021

Moonlight Scene of Lighthouse and Fort on Point de Galle, Ceylon.

In the collection of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, England. Watercolor c. 1855 by Royal Navy Captain Harry Edmund Edgell, then commanding HMS Tribune.

Point DeGalle was the birthplace in 1837 of Lieutenant Frank L Price, Adjutant of the 4th Texas Infantry at Sharpsburg.

QuickPix: Sgt Henry C Lyon

11 January 2021

Henry Lyon was mortally wounded by a gunshot through his lower spine at Antietam and died in a hospital in Frederick, MD on 5 October 1862. His photograph was published in Desolating this Fair Country: the Civil War diary and letters of Lt. Henry C. Lyon, 34th New York (McFarland, 1999) edited by Emily N. Radigan.

Lieutenant William H Keiningham of the First Virginia Infantry was wounded at Fox’s Gap on 14 September 1862. Known as Pete or Peter, he carried a miniature version of the CS Second National flag in his pocket until it was taken from him when he was captured at Gettysburg. It was later returned to him and is now in the Museum of the Confederacy (White House of the Confederacy) in Richmond, VA.

QuickPix: Adolphe Libaire

8 January 2021

Captain Adolphe Libaire of the 9th New York Infantry was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery at Antietam. His picture here, probably an over-painted photograph, from one hosted by the USCIS Baltimore Field Office.

Private Marcus M Haskell was wounded at Antietam and later awarded the Medal of Honor for rescuing another wounded man under fire. This cased photograph was hosted online by Historical Auctions accompanying a rifle of his they sold in December 2020.

17 year old Private Charles F Cleveland of the 26th New York Infantry was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery in carrying the colors at Antietam and was wounded there.

His picture here is from 1899 when he was Chief of the Utica, NY Police Department. It’s from a Sketch of the Utica Police Force posted to Facebook by the Department in December 2020.

A photograph from the Library of Congress of a signal station atop John G. Barnwell’s house in Beaufort, SC some time after 5 December 1861 when Federal troops occupied the town.

There was more than one John G. Barnwell in Beaufort before the war, but this house probably belonged to Captain John Gibbes Barnwell who was Ordnance Officer to General Pendleton on the Maryland Campaign.