Morrison family ties

17 January 2007

R.H. Morrison
Rev. Robert Hall Morrison, DD (from Davidson College portrait)

The Reverend Doctor Morrison (1798-1889) was father-in-law to three Confederate general officers: D.H. Hill (m. Isabella S. Morrison 1848), Rufus C. Barringer (m. Eugenia 1854; she d. 1858, typhoid), and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (m. Mary Anna 1857).

I know of no other patriarch of that distinction.

Hard core students of the American Civil War already know that D.H. Hill and “Stonewall” Jackson were brothers-in-law, though not always happily so. Most will probably not have seen how wide that family net spreads.

The other three of Reverend Morrison’s six daughters also married war-serving Confederates: Harriet Abigail to James Irwin, purchasing agent for the Confederacy, Susan Washington to Major Alphonso Calhoun Avery (family) of the 6th North Carolina, and Laura to Colonel John Edmunds Brown of the 42nd Regiment North Carolina State Troops.

Anna Morrison Jackson

Three of his four sons, too, were in Confederate States service. Oldest son William W. had worked for his mother’s brother, William Alexander Graham in the US Department of the Navy and was a Major by War’s end, but died in 1865. Joseph Graham Morrison served on the great Stonewall’s staff and witnessed first hand his mortal wounding at Chancellorsville, Virginia in May 1863. Robert H., Jr. was aide-de-camp to Generals Barringer and D.H. Hill, and was a physician after the War. The youngest, Alfred James, too young to fight, was later a lawyer and Presbyterian minister in his own right, but died early—at 26 years of age.

Papa Morrison had been born and raised in North Carolina in middle class surroundings. He was always a good student and graduated in 1818 from the University of North Carolina, third in his class. Number one that year was future US President James K. Polk.

Feeling a strong pull to evangelize, Morrison studied under local ministers, then traveled north for a year of work in theology at the College of New Jersey (later Princeton) 1820-21. Returning to North Carolina he embarked on a career as Presbyterian minister. In 1824 he married Mary Graham, daughter of Revolutionary War Major and later Militia General Joseph Graham. He married well. The General had been successful in the iron business and had large holdings of land and slaves.

In 1835 Rev. Morrison began raising $30,000 to build a school to help fill the gap he saw in trained Presbyterian ministers. In 1837, on land donated by his wife’s uncle William Lee Davidson, he launched and was first President of Davidson College. In 1839, however, he became seriously ill with bronchitis, to the point that he sought help from Dr. George McClellan in Philadelphia. You probably know Dr. McClellan’s son.

No treatment helped, however, so in 1840 Morrison resigned his post at Davidson for reasons of health, and retired to his plantation “Cottage Home” in Lincoln County, North Carolina: a legacy of the Graham family wealth. He preached near there, notably at the Machpelah Presbyterian Church until his death nearly 50 years later.

J.G. Morrison
Joseph Graham Morrison

Third son Joseph Graham Morrison is actually the reason for this now out of control post. He’s the Antietam connection: at the time of the battle he was aide-de-camp to General Jackson.

Born in 1842, he was named for his maternal grandfather and destined to inherit the family manse Cottage Home as oldest surviving son. As the Civil War began Joseph was a student at the Virginia Military Institute (Class of 1865), but he left school and was commissioned Lieutenant and ADC on Jackson’s staff in June 1862.

Cedar Mountain in August …

was his first experience on the battlefield. His bearing was fearless and chivalric. He was riding one of the General’s horses, which, shot in the jaw, was rearing and plunging, sprinkling both his rider and himself with blood. It was suggested to the General that he had better call that youth in or his career would be a short one, but he replied that his example would not be lost upon the troops and he would learn more discretion after a battle or two. He would not permit him to be recalled. Morrison escaped that day but after the General’s death he was badly wounded twice and came out of the army with the loss of a foot. (H.K. Douglas)

After Chancellorsville, in July 1863, rather than transfer to General Ewell with the rest of Jackson’s staff, he joined General Ramseur. In September 1863 he transferred to the 57th North Carolina Infantry as Adjutant. By 1865 he was Captain of Company F, and lost a foot shortly after at Petersburg, while away from his regiment visiting General Hoke.

Also suffering from tuberculosis, Joseph spent the four years following the War in California recuperating. In 1869 he came home to North Carolina where he was a planter and ran the Mariposa Cotton Mills. He returned to claim the family home on his father’s death in 1889, and himself passed at Charlotte on 11 April 1906.

He is buried with his father and Grandfather Graham at Machpelah Cemetery.

Bonus Mystery

The VMI archives have a fine photograph identified as “Dr. Samuel B. Morrison, CSA, who attended Stonewall Jackson after his wounding in May 1863. He was the brother of Mrs. Jackson (Mary Anna Morrison)”. I found no reference to a missing son named Samuel, though I did see that Robert Hall Morrison Jr had a career as a physician post War. I dug a little and did find a roster mention of a Samuel B. Morrison, Surgeon of the 3rd Maine Infantry.

The picture looks like a man in Confederate uniform. So, who is he?



See also Sarah Marie Eye’s lovely 2003 master’s thesis from Virginia Tech on the contradictions apparent in the life of R.H. Morrison, especially in his views on slavery and secession. Also source of some of the fine-grain detail mentioned above.

Rev. R.H. Morrison’s papers are in the Southern Historical Collection of the Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the online finding aid includes additional biographical and cultural background on the family.

The photos of Joseph Graham Morrison and Mary Anna Morrison Jackson are from a Jackson exhibit at the archives of the Virginia Military Institute (VMI).

Special thanks to Bill Torrens, who popped J.G. Morrison up onto my radar, and provided the anecdote and service data I used here. His sources were Douglas’ I Rode with Stonewall, Jones’ Campbell Brown’s Civil War, and Krick’s Staff Officers In Gray. Bill has spent years writing biographical sketches for nearly all Confederate officers, and posts samples on the History Forums board as “Collett Leventhorpe”.


added 2 Feb 2007

On his North Carolina and the Civil War blog Michael C. Hardy has written a nice post about Mary Anna Morrison, on the occasion of the 183rd anniversary of her first husband’s birth.

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  1. Joseph Graham Morrison IV says:

    I was just forwarded “Morrison Family Ties” by my daughter Laura Morrison, who found it on the internet. I am the great grandson of Joseph G Morrison. I enjoyed the article on the family and am sending it to my dad, Joseph Graham Morrison,III, age 95, in Wilmington, NC.

    I don’t know anything about blogs, so I don’t know if this is the right communication or even whom I am communicating with, but I assume it is whoever posted the Morrison article. Please let me know. Thanks,
    Joe Morrison

  2. Brian says:

    [Responded also to Mr Morrison by email] This is fantastic. It’s a very great honor to hear from the family.

  3. behind AotW » Blog Archive » Ancestors honor us with visit says:

    […] I was knocked out to get comments this week on the Morrison article from Joseph Graham Morrison IV. His daughter clued him to it. He’s passing it along to his 92 year old father (JGM III), the grandson of one of our subjects. Now that’s what the Internets is all about. […]

  4. Roland Waddell says:

    with respect to the slaves of the Morrison Plantation, what became of them following emancipation?

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Roland – intriguing question to which I don’t have an answer. Not direct help, but by way of setting the stage, in her thesis Ms Eye noted:

    After the war, Morrison rented part of the property at Cottage Home to sharecroppers. A contract dated January 10, 1868, listed three men as renters at Cottage Home, (though Morrison noted that there were four). Jake Morrison, Albert Johnston, and Ellick Lean rented and farmed the land, and built homes. Morrison received corn and cotton in exchange. He wrote to Sarah on the condition at Cottage Home in this regard: “We have very few servants about us now, only one woman and a boy–We got on with as much quiet and peace as could be expected. My farm is rented out to four men and … we must try and live on what we get.”

  6. Roland says:


    Thank you. My mother is a Morrison, descended from slaves at Cottage Home, as it was passed down via oral history. She is 78 years old and intriqued with this information. I am interested in digging deeper as I am a documentary filmmaker. Her father and his father before him settled in Iredell County, where family land still runs along the Catawba River (now called Lake Norman).

  7. Dan Morrow says:’s Civil War Service records site lists a Samuel B. Morrison with the rank of Surgeon, in the 58th Virginia.

    There’s another, S.B. Morrison, listed as a Confederate Surgeon, with no unit specified.

    Hope this is helpful.

  8. Brian says:

    Now we’re getting somewhere — thanks Dan!

    A surgeon with the 58th Virginia sounds plausible for “attending” Stonewall Jackson, though I still don’t believe he’s of these Morrisons.

  9. Edmund Morrison Tyler (Ned) says:

    In the Morrison part of my family tree, I have a Samuel Morrison who was the brother of Mary Ann (Anna?) Morrison. He was the son of John I. Morrison and Jane Neeley. John Morrison was the son of John Morrison and Jane Storey. This John was born in Ballynahinch, Co. Down, N. Ireland in 1752 and died in Goshen, New York in 1815. I don’t have the dates or locations yet for the children and grandchildren, but it seems about right for Samuel to have been in the Civil War.

    My branch of the Morrisons were in South Carolina, but it was a large family and they settled in various states.

  10. Brian says:

    Thanks for the family details, Ned!

  11. kathy, Allison, Libby says:

    For information on the Morrison family of Lincoln County, NC, read “They Married Confederate Officers…the intimate story of Anna Morrison, wife of Stonewall Jackson and her five sisters….” by Kathy Neill Herran published by Warren Publishing, Inc., in Davidson, NC.

  12. Brian says:

    Thanks Kathy! Your website looks like a good place to learn about the book. Great stuff!

  13. Tom says:

    I’m interested in finding more about Mary Anna Morrison Jackson life after her husband’s death. There is somethings well known like her moving back first to Cottage Home then to Charlotte, then losing marrying having children then dying in richmond of Typhoid and of course becoming a local UDC chapter president. But I’ve also heard there were hard times too (the selling of “Little Sorrel” does anyone have any more substantial information.

  14. Brian says:

    Hi Tom,

    For starters, you might try Ms Herran’s book, or contact her via the link above … I also hope other knowledgeable folks will weigh-in on this for you.

  15. Liz says:

    Interest in Samuel Morrison, Dr. S.B.Morrison CSA surgeon was present at Jackson’s death and was called as a surgical consult by Dr. Hunter Holmes McGuire,(surgeon for Jackson). He is called a “relative” by Mary Anna Morrison in Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson on pg 453, and also was the one who spoke with her concerning the graveness of the situation with her failing husband. She also lists the 10 children of her parents (father Rev.Robert Hall Morrison) early on in the book. Believed to have been uncle relationship to her, although can not locate this information yet. Dr. McGuire known to be surgeon general of Gen Jubal Early’s Corps and in memoirs of Archibald Atkinson Jr. gave orders to him work with S B Morrison at battle of Rappanannock Bridge. He knew SB from University of VA,no year. On July 3,1864, in another memoir, S B Morrison,surgeon mentioned in Smithfield, WV. Located S B Morrison of Rockbridge County, in years following war, noted physician in VA Medical Society, ran sanatorium in Rockbridge Alum Springs, VA for 25 years. This SB is Samuel Brown Morrison,doctor in CSA and registered marriage of son Clark to Sarah Owens, his wife was Susan Christian. Anna Morrison’s child Julia marries a Christian as well. Not verified these 2 S. B. Morrisons as same, believe they are.

  16. Brian says:

    Thanks Liz – it may be starting to come together here! Uncle makes sense. Lots of good connections to look into …
    Anna’s Memoirs of Stonewall Jackson (1895) is online in its entirety thanks to GoogleBooks.

    Google found a reference in the Virginia Medical Monthly journal (Feb 1953) to an article titled Samuel Brown Morrison, 1828-1901; Stonewall Jackson’s physician. Supports your supposition. He’s also listed in the Catalogue of the Officers and Alumni of Washington and Lee University (1888), if that offers another thread for investigation.

    The Virginia Historical Society, Richmond apparently has:

    [Papers of the] Morrison family of Rockbridge County, 1836-1935‚”Letters of Doctor Samuel Brown Morrison of the Confederate States Army.”

    An 1884 biographical sketch (scroll down) from Hardesty’s offers further details, thanks to a transcription on RootsWeb. Given that the 58th Virginia Infantry was at Sharpsburg, but General Ewell wasn’t, I can’t tell yet if this Dr. Morrison is one of “my boys”.

    More later, as time allows.

  17. Liz says:

    I found a wonderful Morrison lady who is probably a very good connection for many other Morrisons. She and her sister have a published geneology of the Morrisons and through her I was able to find out the connection with Anna Morrison. S B and Anna shared the same great-great grandparents. R H Morrison had the same great grandparents, but from them , his grandfather Morrison was Robert Morrison and the line SB came from was from a brother James Morrison, his father James’ grandfather James Morrison. SB was her cousin and only 3 years older than Anna, her father RH was 30 years older than SB himself. SB would’ve grown up with her and known her through family functions and visits. He was obviously slighted by Gen Jackson not being appointed his medical director or surgeon, as was Hunter McGuire. It must’ve been a slap in the face to S B Morrison,a physician of good repute.
    Janet and her sister have their book available for sale, and they also have a Morrison reunion of the Rocky River Morrisons, there is another sect she is involved with as well. She is available at and is a wealth of information.
    Thank you for the info I am looking it over and would love to see the letters of SB Morrison. I will inquire about them.

  18. Anne Morrison Garber says:

    This is all great information. I am the great, great granddaughter of Dr. Robert Hall Morrison and the great granddaughter of Joseph Graham Morrison. My grandfather, father, brother and nephew were all named Robert Hall Morrison. I have been interested in knowing whether there is a reunion of the descendants of Dr. RHM. Hello to Joe Morrison. Our dads would have been first cousins.

  19. Brian says:

    Hi Anne! I’m amazed how many of you there are and how carefully you preserve your family history. Most impressive.

    Also, at least one Virginia Garber was at Sharpsburg in 1862 … any relation?

  20. Anne Morrison Garber says:

    I don’t know of any connection of my husband’s family and A. W. Garber. I’ll keep the article, though. Thanks.

  21. Julius Morrison says:

    This is very cool stuff. I am the great, great, great grandson of Dr. Robert Morrison and great, great grandson of Joseph Graham (Anne above is my aunt!) I just read aloud to my daughter the account of Joseph Graham Morrison’s acquittal in his first battle, and of Jackson’s rather terse response- we both had to laugh. I greatly enjoyed this- outstanding work. Thanks!

  22. Lois McIver Winstead says:

    Whew! I started to try to find out about the family of Mattie Lee Morrison who married my grandfather, John McMillian McIver, about 1970. … and ended up enjoying lots of Morrison history. I was aware that Dr. Robert Hall Morrison was first President of Davidson, and knew that two of his daughters married Confederate Generals, but didn’t realize that the family was so extensive. What a distinguished group.
    Back to “Mattie Lee”… She and John McMillan McIver had a number of children – four, I think( Evan Gordon, Estelle, Mattie Lee and Morrison- Morrison died as a baby), but she died rather young. For lots of reasons – most of them Presbyterian – I believe that she was kin to The Dr. Robert Hall Morrison family. Some of you folk may have the information at your fingertips. Please pass it along.
    About 1890 John McMillan McIver married Lois Anderson, daughter of John Monroe Anderson, Presbyterian Minister and CSA, who is buried at Davidson Cemetery. Their second child was John McMillan McIver,Jr., my father,…”and so it goes.”
    Thank you for such an interesting site.
    Sincerely, Lois McIver Winstead
    note: I have exact dates re Mattie Lee as recorded in McIver Family Book, but don’t have it on hand at present. I use computer at nearby library.

  23. Brian says:

    Thanks for the connections, Lois. Quite a family indeed.

  24. Joseph Graham Morrison, IV says:

    I would be greatly interested in contacting Anne Morrison Garber and Julius Morrison, as we must be cousins. Have we met at the Rocky River reunions? I have an uncle Julius, but on my mother’s side.

  25. Norma Roper says:

    I am searching the geneology of Lachlin (Laughlin)(Locklin) Morrison…1850 & 1860 show he was from NC (b. 1810-11 and died about 1863 in Thomas, GA. He was associated with the Springhill Methodist Chuch in Thomas, GA. His son was Norman Morrison (born 1852 in Thomas, GA.) My family record are great until I get to Lachlin…can you help me???

  26. Robert VonGerichten says:

    I happened to stumble upon this website and thought that I should mention a couple of things. My wife, Diane and I own Samuel Brown Morrison’s house in Rockbridge Baths, VA. One writer mentioned that he ran a sanatorium at Rockbridge Alum Springs – that is incorrect. It was Rockbridge Baths. The Baths burned down in the 1920’s. They were located across the road from our house (Maury River Road) on the river side of the street. One of the cabins still remains. Rockbridge Baths was frequented by Robert E. Lee (and especially his wife, Mary) after the war when he was president of W&L. The spring waters originate two homes further up the road (west)from us and run through our property. Samuel Brown Morrison was a cousin of Anna Morrison, not her brother. His grandmother was Mary Moore, noted as one of the surviving Captives of Abb’s Valley. His father was a minister of the New Providence Presbyterian Church in Brownsburg. He and his father (as well as several family members) are buried there. So is his son Samuel Morrison who died at age 4. Of special note (and quite a coincidence) is that the family that we bought the house from (Mary Stuart Gilliam) is the great-great granddaughter of Hunter McGuire, Stonewall’s attending physician at his death. Anna requested that Samuel Brown Morrison be there as well, as he was a trusted family relative (and quite a competent physician also). The house is linked to both. We have several photographs of Samuel Brown Morrison at the house and the Baths. In one he is holding a baby. He looks like Orson Wells, with a calm and confident demeanor. He died in 1901. There is more that I can add, but I’m at work right now and must go. I hope that this helps a bit. – Robert & Diane VonGerichten

  27. Brian says:

    More really excellent information on the Morrisons – thank you very much, VonGerichtens!

  28. Robert VonGerichten says:

    I must correct three of my comments above: 1) Samuel Brown Morrison’s “grandfather” (Rev. Samuel Brown) and not his “father” was a minister of New Providence. His grandfather is buried there with his wife, Mary Moore (Captive of Abb’s Valley), but I do not believe his father is buried there. 2) Samuel Brown Morrison’s son (Samuel Brown) was 7 when he died, not 4. 3) I believe that Mary Stuart Gilliams’ relationship to Hunter McGuire may be “great-great-great” in lieu of “great-great” granddaughter (she is approx in her late 70’s/early 80’s, so I’m just guessing on the math here).
    Of special interest is that due to her hardships as a “captive” by the Indians, Mary Moore had trouble sleeping. Her husband built her an adult sized cradle to rock her to sleep at night. The cradle still exists and is on display at the Rockbridge Historical Society Museum in downtown Lexington, VA on E. Washington Street.
    – Robert & Diane Von Gerichten

  29. Norma Roper says:

    I’ve found your research very informative and I’ve checked others comments off & on hoping to find a connection to my gr gr grandfather Lachlin/Laughlin L. Morrison that was born in NC about 1810 and died in Thomas, Ga. about 1870. My paper trail ended with him. Another family tree has his father as Angus Morrison and his mother Isabella Graham….I’ve not been able to make this connection. Needless to say, I’ve learned quite a bit about the Morrisons and hope that one day this puzzle piece will fit.

  30. Gayle Morrison McKenzie says:

    I need Norma Roper to contact me. I am on the same trail as she is. Locklin L. Morrison was my GGG-grandfather. Maybe the two of us can compare notes and fit puzzle pieces. Please contact me if any way possible.

  31. Robert Morrison Umberger says:

    My mother left me a full page of The Charlotte Observer from Sunday January 4, 1931.(second page of section 3) Headline: Three Sisters Become Wives of Southern Generals. The author was Ida Briggs Henderson.

    We are from the James and Jennet branch of the Rocky River Morrisons.

    My mother was Margaret Morrison Umberger,from Gilwood Pres, and Odell School area of Davidson, Concord, Kannapolis, et el.

    I am one of the few in the Morrison clan to be named Robert.

  32. hazel richard says:

    Trying to find information on a Joe and June Morrison.
    They once owned a tent at a methodist church camp in
    Denver, N. C..The camp is Rock Springs Camp meeting.
    Their father was Joseph Graham Morrison. One was a
    pilot and one a preacher.

  33. Anne Morrison Garber says:

    Response to Hazel Richard – See Joseph Graham Morrison IV’s entry dated July 1, 2008. He is the son of Joe Morrison (my dad’s first cousin) who was a preacher and is still living in Wilmington, NC. Joe IV’s e-mail address is listed with that entry. Also, his is the first entry in this Morrison family blog.

  34. Jane Withers Holland says:

    I too am a great great grandaughter of RHM, great grandaughter to JGM, grandaughter of RHM, daughter of Mary Graham Morrison Withers, and first cousin to Anne Morrison Garber…Hi Anne. I would be very interested in a reunion of the Rocky River Morrisons. I grew up in Davidson and am returning there to live. Everywhere I go I tend to meet cousins or people with “Morrison connections”. I should have listened more carefully to Papa’s lectures on the family.

  35. Anne Morrison Garber says:

    Jane, I’m so glad you found this site. I also wish I could go back now and ask Papa lots of questions! I want to keep in touch. My e-mail address is I hope we can get together when you’re back in Davidson.

  36. Christine Smith says:

    My husband, Ronald Wayne Smith is the son of the late Marjorie Venettia Morrison Smith, daughter of Coy Clifford Morrison, who was married at one time to Marjorie’s mother, Selma. The family was from North Carolina and I am desperately trying to find a connection to start a family tree for my children. I do not know much information, for many family members are deceased. Any info. would be helpful.

  37. Robert L. Morrison (Bob) says:

    In response to Hazel Richard, I am the youngest son of Junius Morrison, who died in July of 1972 when I was 13 years old. My uncle, Joseph Morrison, is now 97 years old (and still driving); I just saw him at a family reunion last weekend. He now lives in Wilmington, NC. I knew they attended the camp meeting, but did not realize it was Methodist–kind of interesting since Joe was a Presbyterian minister.

    Please let me know if you have any specific questions.

    Bob Morrison

  38. Patricia Williams says:

    This is very interesting reading. I have been looking for my Morrison descendants for some time. My grandfather was James Calvin Morrison, his father was Louis Morrison who came to Ms from SC with the Floyd Winters’ family. He was said to have been raised by this family as a son. I have no other information on him. If anyone can give me any assistance in finding out who Louis’ parents were I would be grateful.
    My grandfather was a tall,slender,blond hair, blue eyed man who loved music. He sang bass in a quarter all of his adult life and loved to play a mouth harp.

  39. Sue Hall Marus says:

    As a Hall descendant I am curious as to Robert Hall Morrisons’ forebears. Was he related to any Halls – from Montgomery Co. NC, Rowan County, NC and finally Mecklenburg Co. NC. Also I am distantly related to the Potts clan of the Davidson, NC area. My branch of the Potts are mostly from lower Mecklenburg Co. (The Lower Providence community) with a number of them buried at Providence Presbyterian Church. Sue H. Marus

  40. Bill Pierce says:

    I am trying to find out the connection of my grandmother to the Morrison family of North Carolina. When I was younger, I heard that our family is connected to the Morrisons and Stonewall Jackson through marriage. Robert Hall Morrison’s daughter Anna married Stonewall Jackson. Apparently, her brother, Robert Hall, was the husband of my grandmother’s great aunt (I think). The name Lucy Reid comes to mind but I haven’t been able to make that link. Does anyone have any information about Anna’s brother Robert. Thank you.
    Bill Pierce

  41. Jo-Anne s. Arnold says:

    HI EVERYONE, I, too, am researching the Morrison family. I am stumped by gggfather Angus (Anguish) Morrison. Another Morrison states that he was from Isle of Lewis, Scotland. His birth date is given as 1783 BUT all census reports put him as being born about 1808 and reflect his birth place as NC. He was the father of Laughlin Morrison. he may have been an indentured servant arriving in the US during the early 1800’s. He married Isabella Graham in 1830. They had 7 children. When Isabella died he moced to Florida and later married Mary Strange. They had two children, James and Angus S. Angus S. was my gmother’s father. Jo

  42. Elizabeth GLynn says:

    I’m looking for a connection between Governor Cameron Morrison and Robert Hall Morrison. Also, I’m trying to connect these two to my step great, great grandmother, Mary Emma Morrison Johnson Perry. She married my great, great, grandfather William Calvin Perry at age 15. They may have lived in the Scots Lowray community and later Davidson. Her siblings were Lee Morrison, Jenny Morrison Poke, Minnie Morrison, Alice Morrison McCrae, and Katherine (sp?) Morrison. Thanks!

  43. Patricia Williams says:

    If anyone has information on Louis M.Morrison b.1871 ? please let me know. Mr. Jeva Winters of chickasaw co.,Ms told a relative that Louis Morrison was raised like a brother to him. Mr. Jeva’s father was John or Floyd Winters of chickasaw Co.Ms.

  44. Anne Morrison Garber says:

    Here’s an answer for Bill Pierce, even though it’s been eight months since your post! Rev. Robert Hall Morrison did have a son RH Jr. (11/27/1843-8/7/1922). He was a physician, and his wife was indeed Lucy Reid. They had one son, Rufus Reid Morrison (1/2/1883-7/21/1945),also a physician, who married Isabelle Douglas.

  45. Marti Graham says:

    Uncle Joe (Joseph Graham Morrison, III) passed away 6 days ago (Jan 27th, 2011). He was 99 1/2. (He emphasised that “half”) I am his neice, Martha Graham Morrison. I have just returned from the funeral in Wilmington NC. Please see the Obit below.
    It was an incredibly beautiful & emotional funeral for a wonderful man, father, & friend.

  46. Brian says:

    Oh … I’m sorry to hear of JGM III passing, but thanks for letting us know. Best to all the Morrisons.

  47. Bill Czygan says:

    My uncle was Dr. Potter Abraham Richards. He married Margaret Frances “Peggy” Morrison. She was born 9 Apr 1906 and died 24 Feb 1970. She was from Rockbridge Co. They married 18 Sep 1937.

    He practiced in the Roanoke area and they are both buried at Evergreen Burial Park.

    I am looking for her ancestors and descendants.

    Bczygan at

  48. Lynne says:

    I’ve just discovered this wonderful site & am just wondering…
    Does anyone know if there is a photo of Isabella Morrison? I have been doing research on her husband, Daniel Harvey Hill since January but have never seen an image of her. Any information on obtaining digital letters or cc of letters from DH Hill to his wife would be most appreciated. Sadly, I am not related to the Morrisons or the Hills. Thank you

  49. Jacob Morrison says:

    This is awesome reading everyones comment! N hi aunt Ann n hi uncle joe! The grandson of JGM III, n son of Jackson Davis Morrison! Miss u both, RIP!!

  50. Roberta Kennedy says:

    I am a descendant of Elizabeth C Morrison of Augusta Co, VA. She was orphaned at age 4 (about 1851)and apparently taken in be a family of Robinsons (or Robertsons). Her marriage certificate lists her parents as John and Lucinda Morrison. Does anyone have this couple on their family tree – I cannot find any other information, and according to my father, no one in our family, including her daughter, my grandmother, knew who her parents were. She and my great-grandfather, John William Burford were married in 1865, and based on her age, she was born about January 1, 1847 in Augusta Co, VA.

  51. Patricia williams says:

    I am still searching for the parents of Lewis Morrison who was raised in chickasaw co.,Ms,USA by the John Winter family. One known family member Jeva Winter attest to the fact that Lewis was raised as a brother to him. No school records or census records record Lewis in their household. Help me if you are able. Thanks,

  52. James Calvin Morrison says:

    I’m named after my great-grandfather.. Born & raised in Cali.. My dad is Robert Dale Morrison of Wasco, CA… Would love to help add the CA branch of the Morrison Tree..

  53. Tara says:

    Thank you all for the fantastic information. I am not related to the Morrisons but I portray Mary Anna Morrison Jackson at various civil war events and much of the preceding information has been very helpful. I am always hunting further information on Anna’s life & family before, during and after the war. if anyone has any suggestions for continued research on Anna that you feel might be helpful, please drop me a line. Thanks again!

  54. Anita Rutledge Moody says:

    Thank you for your information. I am related to the Morrison clan. My maternal Grandmother was Ima Carrie Leola Morrison. I am a first cousin five times removed to Robert Hall Morrison.
    Robert H Morrison- Son of William Morrison
    William Morrison – Brother of John Morrison
    John Morrison – Father of Silas Hall Morrison
    Silas Hall Morrison – Father James Silas Hall Morrison
    James Silas Hall Morrison – Father of Joel Lacurgus Morrison
    Joel(Joe)L. Morrison – Father of Ima Carrie Leola Morrison Barton
    Ima C. L. Morrison Barton – Mother of Billie Ruth Barton Rutledge
    Billie Ruth Barton Rutledge – Mother of Anita Rutledge Moody (me)
    If you recognize any of these names and would like any information I have I would be glad to share.
    My husband descends from Templetons that were married into the Morrison family. I have not found a connection to my branch of Morrisons but if anyone has any information that might help I would love to hear from you. Thanks Anita Moody –

  55. Jerry Johnson says:

    I am the manager of the Goodwill store in Mt. Airy NC. We received as part of a donation a piece of an envelope addressed to JG Morrison, Harrisson (sic) Creek,NC. Also a handwritten poem dated 16 Oct. 1866. Reuben Everette. Also a book:Bullion’s Greek Reader 1856 with the initials “JG M’s Book” written in ink on the front cover.

  56. Norma says:

    Looking for information on African American Morrison family from Augusta, Georgia. Great Grandmother born a Morrison in later 1800’s.

  57. William Morrison says:

    Thank you for turning me on to Sarah Marie Eye’s 2003 master’s thesis from Virginia Tech on the contradictions apparent in the life of R.H. Morrison. He is currently in the process of being purged from history by Davidson College as part of their “restorative justice” campaign (revisionist history).

    As far as who Dr Samuel Brown Morrison is:

    Three Morrison Brothers, (James, Robert, John) came from Scotland to America in 1750. They remained in Pennsylvania before traveling south via the Great Wagon Road in 1764 to settle in Mecklenburg County NC.

    Dr Samuel Brown Morrison is 4th generation from James (James, John, Rev. James, Samuel). I am 7th generation in the James line – but only share Pioneer James.

    Reverend Robert Hall Morrison (3rd generation in Robert line) was father-in-law to three Confederate general officers: D.H. Hill (m. Isabella S. Morrison 1848), Rufus C. Barringer (m. Eugenia 1854; she d. 1858, typhoid), and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson (m. Mary Anna 1857) and father of Joseph Graham Morrison, aide-de-camp to General Jackson.

    Two interesting items:

    Who lost the “Lost Order” Stonewall Jackson, His Courier, and Special Orders No. 191 (Sharpsburg)

    Capt James Morrison, VETERAN
    BIRTH 30 Oct 1726
    St Ninians, Stirling, Scotland
    DEATH 30 Oct 1804 (aged 78)
    Rocky River, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

    Elder John Morrison
    BIRTH 2 Jan 1768
    Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, USA
    DEATH 18 Mar 1846 (aged 78)
    Concord, Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA

    Rev James Morrison
    married Frances Brown, the daughter of Rev. Samuel and Mary Moore Brown
    BIRTH 24 Mar 1795
    Cabarrus County, North Carolina, USA
    DEATH 14 Nov 1870 (aged 75)
    Virginia, USA

    Dr Samuel Brown Morrison
    BIRTH 13 Sep 1828
    Brownsburg, Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA
    DEATH 4 Feb 1901 (aged 72)
    Rockbridge Baths, Rockbridge County, Virginia, USA

  58. William Morrison says:

    More on Dr Samuel Brown Morrison

    Father: Rev. James Morrison
    Mother: Frances “Fannie” Brown

    1846-1847 – Attended Washington College [now Washington and Lee University]
    1851-1852 – Attended, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
    06/00/1853 – M.D. degree, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (from: Rockbridge Co., VA)
    1853 – Practiced medicine, Rockbridge Co., VA
    10/19/1854 – Married, Mary Elizabeth Gold, Rockbridge Co., VA (she died in 1910)
    1860 – Practiced medicine, Rockbridge Co., VA
    10/09/1861 – Appointed Surgeon, Provisional Army of the Confederate States
    10/09/1861 – Ordered to report to the 58th VA Infantry
    03/31/1862 – Surgeon, 58th VA Infantry
    07/09/1862 – As Surgeon, 58th VA Infantry, submitted a requisition for a horse to replace a lost ambulance horse [The horse was received by Dr. Morrison at “Stark’s House Hospital” the same day. This hospital appears to have been near Cold Harbor, VA]
    08/16/1862 – Chief Surgeon, Gen. R. S. Ewell’s Division
    08/29/1862 – At the battle of Groveton, Gen. R. S. Ewell was badly wounded in the leg. Surgeon Morrison successfully amputated it at 2:00 a.m. [per research by R. E. L. Krick.] “Ewell continued in active service for the rest of the war.”
    04/18/1863 – As Chief Surgeon to Gen. Early’s Division, wrote a letter to Gen. Early “of the necessity of obtaining additional ambulances for the Division”
    05/07/1863 – As a consultant, he was called to the bedside of wounded Gen. T. J. Jackson. The General supposedly said, “That’s an old familiar face.”
    08/17/1863 – Chief Surgeon, Gen. J. A. Early’s Division
    01/13/1864 – Leave of absence for 20 days [S.O. 12/12 Dept. & A.N.Va. – Gen. Lee]
    10/08/1864 – Chief Surgeon, Gen. J. A. Early’s Division
    10/10/1864 – “Surgeon Samuel B. Morrison of Army of Valley, is assigned to duty as medical director of said army.” [S.O. 240/31]
    10/14/1864 – Announced as Medical Inspector, Army of the Valley District
    10/19/1864 – “Paragraph XXXI, Special Orders [No.] 240, October 10, 1864, is altered [so] as to read as follows: Surgeon Samuel B. Morrison is assigned to duty as medical inspector of the Army Valley of Virginia.” [S.O. 248/13]
    10/31/1864 – Surgeon and Medical Inspector, Gen. J. A. Early’s Corps
    1869 – Member, VA State Legislature
    1871 – Member, VA House of Delegates
    1873 – Proprietor, Rockbridge Baths Sanitarium, Rockbridge Co., VA
    1874 – Practiced medicine, Brownsburg, Rockbridge Co., VA
    1880 – Practiced medicine, Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge Co., VA
    1883 – Claimed the “germs of diphtheria and typhoid were the same.” [The germ theory was only slowly being accepted by the medical profession and even when accepted, there was apparently controversy about which microbes caused specific diseases.]
    1890 – practiced medicine, Rockbridge Baths, Rockbridge Co., VA
    1900 – Practiced medicine, Kerrs Creek, Rockbridge Co., VA
    02/04/1901 – Died in his home “of a complication of diseases [including Bright’s disease], the chief malady being the effects of paralysis with which he was attacked nearly two years ago”, Rockbridge Baths, Rockbridge Co., VA

    Note: Washington and Lee University has a large S. B. M. manuscript collection.

    Bob Krick and R. E. L. Krick provided input to this biography.

    This biographical sketch is from:
    Hambrecht, F.T. & Koste, J.L., Biographical
    register of physicians who served the
    Confederacy in a medical capacity.
    04/05/2014. Unpublished database.

  59. William Morrison says:

    Regarding your blog post “A few thoughts on Mrs. “Stonewall” Jackson”

    There you refer to the book “Miracle In The Hills” about the Sloop’s and quote Dr. Sloops wife who was born in Davidson. She wrote in her autobiography: “I was born in Davidson, just across the street from the president’s house…The old house, in which the present president of Davidson College, Dr. John R. Cunningham, and his family live, is the house in which Mrs. Stonewall Jackson was born when her father, Dr. Morrison, was president of Davidson.”

    Earlier in the blog post you also state “the General’s second wife, Mary Anna Morrison, was born in North Carolina in 1831” and indicate that her birthplace was on Derita Road.

    In another of your blog posts “Morrison family ties” you state

    “In 1835 Rev. Morrison began raising $30,000 to build a school to help fill the gap he saw in trained Presbyterian ministers. In 1837, on land donated by his wife’s uncle William Lee Davidson, he launched and was first President of Davidson College. 1840 Morrison resigned his post at Davidson in 1840 for reasons of health, and retired to his plantation “Cottage Home” in Lincoln County, North Carolina.”

    This is all jumbled.

    1. Mary Anna could not have been born in two places, either Derita Road in Charlotte or North Main Street in Davidson.

    2. If Mary Anna was born in 1831, it most definitely was not while Robert Hall was president of the College. He had not even begun raising money for Davidson College in 1831. That process began in 1835 and the College was opened in 1837.

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