John David Hoptak and his fellow Rangers are fixing to unveil the new Union Advance trail at the Park.

Once again, I’m amazed by the considerable effort and care the great team at the Antietam National Battlefield are putting in to bring the Battlefield back to its 1862 state.

Or at least as close as can be.

Bravo Zulu.

(Noted in John’s fine 48th Pennsylvania blog).

2 Responses to “More great work at the Battlefield”

  1. Harry says:


    Neat feature. Something weird, though. Your bit on the new trail and the announcement of the new feature showed up a the top of your feed when I clicked on it, but when I go to your blog “conventionally”, the Lego post is still the lead. Even after I hit refresh.

  2. Brian says:

    Yes. The quickPosts are filtered out of the main part of the blog, and only show up in the sidebar. That’s as I meant it. The RSS feed doesn’t distinguish and lists them all. That’s OK too.

    This is still new, though, so I might change it around. I’m looking for an easy way to easily post minor things not otherwise fit for a “full-sized” post. There are some complications in the PHP right now that make it more trouble than it’s worth, but I’ll play some more and see if I can iron those out.

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