People’s Choice Awards

8 August 2007

No, not television, the American Civil War on the web.

I’m knocked over by Civil War Interactive’s (CWi) new list of the Top 20 Civil War Websites, on which Antietam on the Web hits #4 (with a bullet, so to speak).

Top 20 Award graphic from CWi

It’s very cool also to see blogs on the CWi list for the first time. Dmitri’s Bookshelf, Eric’s Ranting, and Mannie’s Rangerousness are all there. Hearty congratulations to them and all the online treats in the 2007 Top 20!

Thanks to the voters and to Joe Avalon at CWi for hosting the poll. Thanks also to John David Hoptak for cuing me to the results (Yankee huzzah?).

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