A digital history grail, anyway.

Yale Computer Science major Sam Strasser has started blogging about his Senior project at Visualize History.

Visualize History will attack the general problem by presenting that multi-dimensional story in multiple dimensions. For example, many key events are directly linked to a specific geographic location and all are linked to a specific time or time period. The application will therefore provide a way to navigate through both time and space. However, the logical relationships are just as important as the temporal or spatial ones, and the application will also provide a way to navigate from an event to other related events.

I’ll be very interested to see how this goes. I expect he’ll find the deeper he goes, the bigger it gets!

2 Responses to “A new seeker after the Grail”

  1. scott smart says:

    Seems like using KML and google earth could achieve many of the goals.

  2. Brian says:

    thanks for the ideas Scott – you might comment along those lines over on Sam’s blog, too.

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