I’ve just had an email from J.P. Rogers, a serving Army officer who is researching Private Oliver Cromwell Case, 8th Connecticut Infantry. Case was killed in action on 17 September 1862.

JP has being doing this work since coming upon Case’s personal Bible in 1993, and has recently begun posting what he finds on a blog called Oliver Cromwell Case: The Story of a Soldier.

A particularly poignant piece he’s found comes in a letter written by Oliver’s brother Alonzo of the 16th Infantry …

… some time that afternoon [19 Sept] we found the body of our brother we were looking after. He was no doubt killed instantly the bullet having passed through his head just about the top of his ears. We wrapped him in my blanket and carried him to the spot where the 16th dead were to be buried having first got permission from the Colonel of the Eighth and the 16th to do so. The 16th men were buried side by side in a trench and they dug a grave about 6 [feet] from them and we deposited the remains of my brother and that having first pinned a paper with his name and age on the inside of the blanket. Then they put up boards to each with name and Regiment on them. His body lay there until December when father went there and brought the body to Simsbury where it now lies to mingle with the sole of his native town.

Do pay Private Case a visit, won’t you?

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  1. J.P. Rogers says:

    Brian…thanks again for the plug. Look forward to hearing from some folks interested in the 8th CVI and Pvt. Case. JP

  2. Richard Converse says:

    Mr. Rogers:
    I have been in contact with you before about the O. C. Case Bible.
    I am still interesting in getting the Oliver C. Case Bible from you. Are you interested in parting with it at this time? If so, would you be willing to give it to a direct descendant of the Case Family or would you be willing to sell the Bible to me?
    I await your response.
    Richard Converse

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