AotW Turns Green

17 March 2006

I laughed this morning, after a double-take, on loading AotW. It’s all green! I’d forgotten about a little code I put in a couple of years back which automatically loads the St Patrick’s day style sheet on March 17th. It looks very odd. But it’s green.

Happy St Patrick’s Day! Ask the Wild Geese to find you a parade.

There should be lots of material out there in the blog-o’sphere today. (Other) Civil War junkies will wax eleoquent about Irish Brigades and regiments. As well they should.

P. Kelly

Here’s one of ours, LCol Patrick Kelly. He was in command of the 88th New York Infantry at the Bloody Lane at Antietam. Lost his life in action later in the War at Petersburg, Virginia. Saints preserve him.

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