I heard it said that there isn’t enough interaction on our blogs. Too few comments. I must admit to you that I’ve had just over 1,100 comments submitted in the last month, and not shown them to you. I apologize. My protective filtering software, by Akismet, has been blocking them.

Let me make this up to the contributors who wanted to say something, but couldn’t. I’ll post their thoughts now. I can do this fairly easily because, remarkably, hundreds of commenters used exactly the same phrases. But then, how many ways are there to compliment a simple blogger?

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Who wouldn’t appreciate this kind of support from their readers?

I also thank these nice people for submitting all those links and suggestions about pharmaceuticals, intimate relationships, texas hold-em, and extra income. I’m sure these are all valuable references. It’s a shame the filter won’t let them through.

I wish there was something I could do.



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