Service Interruption

6 November 2007

Apologies to both our readers: due to an intensive work-related training period, culminating in a frightening certification exam Friday (9 Nov), I can’t get a decent post out this week. Thanks in advance for your patience, and I’ll see you Saturday. With my shield, or on it.

3 Responses to “Service Interruption”

  1. Don says:


    Good to see you back, I was growing concerned.

    Tried to email you about the Tischler book’s arrival, but it bounced. It seems well-researched, but I’m finding it heavy going. Lots of good info, though. Thanks again for sending it.

    Remember, if you can hold the shield up long enough, eventually the guy swinging the sword at you will get tired…. 8^)


  2. Larry Freiheit says:


    We, too, were worried that something had befallen our Antietam guru. Will you be with us tomorrow (11/10) at the VC at 9 am?

    Larry F.

  3. Brian says:

    Thanks Don and Larry,

    I’m back _with_ shield.

    Sorry not to be at the Battlefield Saturday. Any day there is a good day …

    My email should be open again – the box was full by mid-week last week. I really have to stay on top of that!

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