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13 December 2007

I was clued to a marvelous local history blog today. Sandusky History is …

… dedicated to the discussion of topics relating to the history of Sandusky and Erie County, Ohio; inspired by the collections of the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center and Follett House Museum. A service of the Sandusky Library Archives Research Center.

By way of example of the quality of the material here, a post about early German-language newspapers in Sandusky and connections to later Civil War soldiers caught my eye. Vis:

Sandusky Intelligenz-Blatt, 1851 (Library Archives)
Sandusky Intelligenz-Blatt, 1851 (Sandusky Library Archives)

Apparently on the air since June 2006, the blog boasts a large collection of posts about the people, places, and things of the region. They feature snappy writing, widely ranging subject matter, and plenty of related photos and other artifacts.

The post authors are not identified, which would be my only complaint about the blog: somebody deserves more credit than they’re getting. Two thumbs up!

Thanks to Dorene Paul, Reference Assistant at the Library and blog contributor, for the email tip about their site this afternoon.

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