One day on the Maryland Campaign

Ted Savas’ post on extending Brad Gottfried’s concept from The Maps of Gettysburg to other battles is exciting news.

So, who’ll do Sharpsburg? With a budget of over a hundred maps and just over two weeks of 1862 to cover? Dang, what a project that’ll be. Yee-hah!

I’d have to leave my job and family to have time to do it, but it might almost be worth it …


Thanks to Dimitri for the pointer.

2 Responses to “Savas Beatie and The Maps of …

  1. Theodore P. Savas says:

    Hello Brian

    Thanks for discusing this. The Maryland Campaign is something we are considering. But don’t quit your day job.

    Stay tuned for more details.


  2. Brian says:

    Glad you stopped by, Ted. Don’t quit your day job is what I usually hear when I do stand-up or try to sing …

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