AotW Member Greg Walden has contributed the first new Featured Article for Antietam on the Web in many moons. It’s a fascinating look at a small unit from Kentucky without a home until it joined forces with volunteer companies from Arkansas passing through Nashville on their way to Virginia in June 1861.

Confederate First National Flag, c. 1861

Confederate First National Flag (c. 1861, Museum of the Confederacy via G. Walden)

Greg introduces the subject by saying that [m]ost of the Southern states were represented by units in the Army of Northern Virginia at Sharpsburg, but Kentucky is not usually thought of as one of them.  However, a Kentucky unit was present at Sharpsburg; the only outfit from that state in Lee’s army.

He explores the origins and personalities of the unit and their role in action  with the 3rd Arkansas Infantry at Sharpsburg on 17 September 1862.

I invite you to enjoy Kentuckians in Lee’s Army at Sharpsburg: The Blackburn Guards now online in the Articles & Exhibits section of Antietam on the Web. Thanks Greg!

2 Responses to “Kentucky Confederates at Sharpsburg”

  1. Joe McArdle says:

    I was intrigued over 20 years ago-when I first saw at Antietam in the Bloody Lane-a regimental marker for an Arkansas unit-thinking how far from home they cam to fight. Wondering now if the Kentucky boys were a part of this outfit.

  2. Greg Walden says:

    Sorry for the late reply! If the marker was for the 3rd Arkansas, then the Blackburn Guards were indeed part of that outfit.

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