Capt W.M. Arnold

9 July 2019

Captain William McIntosh Arnold led a small battalion of “sharpshooters or skirmishers … trained for that work” made up of his Company, “A” of the 6th Georgia Infantry, and the “A” Companies of the other regiments in the Brigade – the 23rd, 27th, and 23th Georgia and 13th Alabama – at Turner’s Gap on 14 September and in the East Woods at Sharpsburg, where Captain Arnold was wounded and captured on 17 September 1862.

He was Lieutenant Colonel by January 1864 but was killed at Petersburg in July 1864. His picture is from an eighth-plate tintype in the Joe Millazzo Collection published in Military Images (Summer 2019). The envelope, postmarked Sparta, GA is online from Confederate postal service expert Trish Kaufmann.

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