Brothers Charles A. (left) and William Decatur Mangham enlisted together as 2nd and 3rd Corporal, respectively, in the “Confederate Guards” – Company A, 13th Georgia Infantry – in July 1861, and had their pictures taken in their new uniforms.

Will was badly wounded in the arm at Sharpsburg on 17 September 1862 and served afterward as a Lieutenant in a Reserve Company assigned as guards at Andersonville, GA.

Charles’ photograph is from Oh, For a Touch of the Vanished Hand (2000) by Col. Dana Mangham, who says Charles was also wounded at Sharpsburg. I’ve not found other evidence of that. Will’s picture is from Rosalee Mangham King as published in Rachel McDaniel’s Pike County (2011).

In a related find, here’s a Sharpsburg casualty list for Companies A and I of the 13th Georgia clipped from page 4 of the Savannah Weekly Republican of 4 October 1862.

The complete edition of that paper is online from Georgia Historic Newspapers, and it also contains extensive descriptions of the action at Sharpsburg and has similar lists for the 12th, 50th, and 61st Georgia, and 5th Florida Infantry (along with lists for the 9th and 11th Georgia at Manassas).

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