This is Marcus Morton Parmenter, who enlisted as a Private in the First Company, Massachusetts Sharpshooters in March 1862. He was killed – possibly by “friendly fire” – at Antietam on 17 September 1862.

Thanks to Ralph Parmenter Bennett for the photograph, from one in the Shirley Massachusetts Historical Society.

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  1. Donald Clark says:

    My mother is a Parmenter and a friend published a book about the Andrew Sharpshooters. There’s a famous pic of the 1st company with telescopic rifles. I always wondered if Marcus was in that pic. I think he’s seated in the middle of the pic. Thanks for publishing his picture. Visited the 15th monument and got a personal tour of the West Woods. What an awful place to be during the bloodiest day of the war. Marcus is buried in an unknown grave and is a true hero.

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