A new project: to identify the men in this Alexander Gardner photograph taken at Harrison’s Landing, VA in August 1862. Of special interest to me are those officers who were on the Maryland Campaign a month later (touch picture to enlarge).

#1 – Lt. James Harrison Wilson
#4 – Lt. Nicholas Bowen?
#6 – Capt. William Graham Jones
#7 – Lt. Alexander Cummings McWhorter Pennington, Jr.
#9 – Lt. John Moulder Wilson
#10 – Lt. Alanson Merwin Randol
#11 – Capt. Josiah Holcomb Kellogg

There is obviously more work to do here.

This image is part of the left half of a stereo photograph, displayed online by the Library of Congress, from their Civil War Photographs collection.

Other men of the Class of 1860 who are probably in the picture above and were at Antietam, are:

John Newman Andrews
Daniel Darius Lynn
James Porter Martin

Members of the Class of 1860 who were at/near Harrison’s Landing in August 1862, but perhaps not on the Maryland Campaign, are also candidates to be in the photograph:

– Lt. Horace Porter
– Lt. Sam A. Foster
– Lt. Alfred T. Smith

Math is not my strength, but if these six men are in the photograph, we’ve got names for all 13. Unfortunately, I have not yet found wartime photographs to identify the six remaining. Please let me know if you can help.

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