Charles Urquhart Williams was a staff officer to Brigadier General David R Jones at Sharpsburg in 1862 and after Jones’ death in January 1863 was with Brigadier General Montgomery D Corse. He was captured near Petersburg in mid-1864 and was a prisoner to the end of the war.

He was afterward a prominent lawyer in Richmond, VA, where this photograph was probably taken, possibly on the occasion of his service in the Virginia Legislature (1875-77). Thanks to g-g-g-grandson Jerrold Johnson for sending me this copy.

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  1. Merrylyn Sawyer says:

    My 2nd gr grandfather, William Kilburn Yates, died ten days after the Antietam battle, ie 27 Sept. 1862. I did not find him in the pdf where I hoped I might see his name . He was in Co. B of the 5th NH Infantry Regiment. I cannot find informatin on that man. The goverment has assigned him a middle intitial of ‘R’ and screwed him all up. I’ve written to NARA; History Hub; and a few other places. Nothing yet. Any thoughts on how I could get some action? Thank you.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Merrylyn,

    Your ancestor does appear on both my overall Dead List ( and also the list of those mortally wounded at Antietam on 9/17 who died later ( – if one of those those are what you meant by PDF.

    My full page for him is here:

    As to correcting errors in the historical records or fixing his middle initial on his grave marker, I’d say that’s a lost cause.

    From an era of hand-written records, sometimes phonetic spellings, illiterate soldiers, and so forth, the records are just full of errors. We later researchers have to be really creative sometimes to figure them out :)

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