Praise for the USAMHI

22 July 2006

A quick Huzzah! for the fine folks at the US Army’s Military History Institute (USAMHI), Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. I’m sorry to say I’ve never visited in person, but they have been immensely helpful to me over several years by snail and email.

Most recently, I heard from Mr Richard Baker, a Technical Information Specialist at the Institute. I had asked for a copy of a standing portrait photograph of Major Edmund Rice, 19th Massachusetts Infantry. I’d also noticed some confusion in the caption in another picture of the Major–grouped with officers of the 17th Michigan Infantry–published in William C. Davis’ Touched by Fire. In addition to sending me the requested photo, Mr Baker went above and beyond by also finding the original image Mr Davis used, and identifying all the officers therein (Rice; Lt. Harrison Berdan, 5th Michigan Cavalry; Captains Delos Phillips and Benjamin Safford, 17th Michigan Infantry).

This kind of service is probably the norm at the USAMHI, but it knocked my socks off.
Huzzah! Huzzah!


Here’s a scan, by the way, of that portrait of Rice. One tough customer.

Edmund Rice

2 Responses to “Praise for the USAMHI”

  1. Steve Nitch says:


    The above image was featured in the Time-Life Civil War series some years ago. The group image of Grandpa Rice sitting with the the Michigan officers from Touched by Fire is one of my favorites. I have Rice’s personal copy which is minty with no spots or foxing.

    I have changed my website address from the old Angel fire site to

    I will be publishing some rare images of General Edmund Rice from my collection in Military Images magazine this November to honor him on the 100th Anniversary of his death in 1906.

    Nice site,

    Steve Nitch
    greatx3 grandson of Gen. Edmund Rice

  2. Ronald W. Hunter says:

    This is a great picture of Edmund Rice. I am currently writing a book and am attempting to find the descendants of Edmund Rice, particularly Steve Nitch. If anyone could be of assitance please e-mail me at with any information.

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