Noodler’s Antietam

11 December 2007

Or Google serendipity.

Simply watching the internets for Antietam references can yield surprising results. Today I stumbled over a gourmet fountain pen ink maker called Noodler’s. They’re known for durable “fraud proof” varieties. One of the many colors offered is “Antietam”, seen here.

Noodler's Antietam Ink color swatch

Noodler’s owner Nathan Tardiff says of the ink:

Antietam has a certain burnt orangy red aspect to it that can be missed even if the batch is off only a fraction of a single percentage point! It also represents a copy of the oldest colored ink bottle in my vintage collection – a dip pen ink from the Civil War era that was rehydrated…the name was chosen for similar reasons as well as historic significance…

I think I’ve found something for my Christmas wish-list.


Color smudge, above, from Noodle’s vendor The Writing Desk‘s website. Mr Tardiff is quoted on Pendemonium. The Boston Globe featured him in September 2005.

Google originally found me the Noodler’s reference in a soup-to-ink post from Ink Quest in which the Antietam color correlates with tomato soup. The Seinfeld Soup Nazi is invoked. How’s that for a far-ranging Antietam thread?

Noodling, after which the ink company is named, is an interesting way to catch catfish. Another wild ride if you’re pulling threads today.

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