Jumpin Antietam

11 July 2008

Omen cover

Tim Buck and Robin Willhite are the musicians of The Gothic Rangers. Tim dropped a note to let me know about their new CD Omen. Among the collection of folk-rocky songs is a strangely upbeat Antietam. Can’t be all that many songs out there with that title …

The pace and feel are “jaunty”, as Tim puts it, but the story sure aint.

Mine eyes saw fervor at Antietam
Mad dog murder at Antietam
Grapeshot workin' at Antietam
Red hot fervor at Antietam
Red hot fervor at Antietam

Do check out the Gothic Rangers. You can hear Antietam and the other songs from their new work on the band’s MySpace page. CD Baby has ’em, and says

These songs about the Civil War, love’s mystery, unquiet spirits, and dark forebodings are infused with rockin’ energy and lyrical passion.

Unique sound, and well worth a listen. Mad dog murder indeed.

One Response to “Jumpin Antietam”

  1. Harry says:

    There weren’t no grapeshot at Antietam.
    OK, so I’m a nitpicker.

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