First Minnesota at Antietam

12 February 2011

I’ve been enjoying a fine online resource on the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry from Wayne Jorgenson and Chuck Barden. They’ve accumulated a considerable database which looks to cover all the members of the Regiment and shares the significant information they’ve found about each from service records and other documents. They display war-era photographs of more than 250 of the men. Phenomenal.

Sam Bloomer, Color Sergeant, 1st Minn Infy (1862, Minn Hist Society)
Color Sergeant Sam Bloomer, 1st Minnesota Infantry (c. 1862, Minnesota Historical Society)

Of particular note for students of the Battle of Antietam is a specialized search which returns links to pages for each of the more than 100 men from the First Minnesota wounded in action there. Sergeant Bloomer, above, was one of those – shot through the knee in action with Sedgwick’s Division in the West Woods.

This is fantastic material, and I’ll be mining it for AotW as I have the chance. I highly recommend a visit.

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  1. Robert A Mosher says:

    Are these from the album of images that turned up on Antiques Roadshow several years ago? Always hoped somebody was able to either publish or otherwise display those.

  2. Jim Rosebrock says:

    A great resource. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jim Buchanan says:

    Thanks! Brian for the post. Yet another reason that your site is the first stop for all things related to Antietam!

  4. unclelooney says:

    The photos come from his collection, other people’s collections, various historical societies, libraries,books, descendents and the internet.

    Somebody brought an album of first Minn images to the roadshow?

  5. Catherine Mullan says:

    Wonderful to be able to trace my ancestor’s military activities Hector Tyndale (Tyndall) from my home here in Dublin, Ireland. Thank you for the informative web site.



  6. Tony Peterson says:

    I live in the Stillwater area of Minnesota. Sgt. Bloomer has a beautiful statue to him where he is buried at Lakeview cemetery in Stillwater MN., but his grave marker is sinking into the ground. Thats something that I’m working to correct.
    Thanks for finding the photo of him.

  7. Tom Wright says:

    Believe I have a great Uncle on my Mothers side Charlote (Boynton)Wright. killed antietam… May have been in Gormans div- if thats right I’m not for sure. His name was Edwin Cox and I believe I have his picture.Always wanted to get Him recognized but not sure how…suggestions welcome. I have been to Antietam and searched the regiment rolls and found his name and thats were I got the Gormans div. which I was told fought up by the Dunker Church? Bldg.and believe came across the wheat or corn field in front… I have the Daguerre-o-type small picture and my mothers hand written note with his name. Many thanks for your www. I found somehow? May their memory be a blessing to all ….

  8. Brian says:

    Hi Tom,
    An Edwin Cox is already represented on the First Minnesota website, here. If that’s your ancestor, I’m sure they’d be very glad to have a scan of the picture you have [contact]. I’ll make a point to get him up on Antietam on the Web, and would also love to have a copy of that image to post.

  9. Jeffrey S. Williams says:


    I’m working with another historian in the local area to re-set Sam Bloomer’s headstone so it doesn’t sink or get covered over. We cleaned out the debris around it this afternoon and are hoping to get the resetting done either tomorrow or by the end of the week.
    We are also looking at undertaking a restoration project for his statue, but that is in the research phase right now.


    Jeffrey S. Williams
    Antietam Creek Press

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