This carte de visite (CDV) of Robert F. Hoke wearing Lieutenant Colonel’s stars is in the North Carolina Collection Photographic Archives at the University of North Carolina.

Hoke commanded the 33rd North Carolina Infantry at Sharpsburg and was a Major General by the end of the war.

QuickPix: William H Jones

6 January 2021

Lieutenant William H Jones of the 23rd New York Infantry was shot in the left lung at Antietam, a wound which contributed to his early death at age 27 in 1867. This photograph of him was offered for sale on ebay in January 2021.

Riley Johnson owned the Johnson House, a hotel near the railroad depot in Ogdensburg, NY before the war. Captain Johnson led Company K of the 6th New York Cavalry in Maryland in 1862; they were detailed as Headquarters Escort for General Sumner, 2nd Army Corps.

The hotel photograph is from the Ogdensburg Public Library, published in David E. Martin’s Ogdensburg (Arcadia, Images of America series, 2003); the clipping from the Ogdenburg Daily Journal of 25 March 1885.

This photograph of Colonel Patrick R Guiney, 9th Massachusetts Infantry, is part of the Guiney Family Collection in the Holy Cross Rare Books Archives, and was hosted online by author Christian Samito.

Major Thomas W Hyde led the 7th Maine Infantry on an ill-advised and deadly charge at Antietam and was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions there. This c. 1864 tinted photograph is in the Maine State Archives.

General Alexander Shaler of New York is shown here on a page from Harper’s Weekly of 19 December 1874 on the occasion of his presence in Chicago to help that city’s Fire Department reorganize after a (another) major fire in July of that year. That page is online thanks to Terry Gregory on Chicagology.

Colonel Shaler commanded the 65th New York Infantry on the 1862 Maryland Campaign.

These are Colonel Henry Fowler (left) and two other officers, unidentified, in a wartime photograph at the Library of Congress. Lieutenant Colonel Henry T Fowler led the 63rd New York Infantry, part of the famous Irish Brigade, at Antietam, where he was wounded in the arm.

This photograph of Colonel Charles W Roberts is in the collection of Civil War Photographs at the Library of Congress. Roberts commanded the 2nd Maine Infantry on the Maryland Campaign.

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph H Barnes led the 29th Massachusetts Infantry, part of the Irish Brigade, in their assault on the Sunken Lane at Antietam. His photograph is from a carte-de-visite (CDV) sold on ebay in 2016.

Colonel James McQuade commanded the 14th New York Infantry at Antietam. This photograph is in the Library of Congress.