In a comment on an earlier post about the cavalry action at Quebec Schoolhouse near Middletown, MD on 13 September 1862, Amy Matzet offered a fascinating story about one of the participants – Thomas Groves Day – a Private in Company E of the 3rd Indiana Cavalry.

The short version is that Private Day lost his carbine during the fight, picked up a Confederate weapon to replace it, but soon after lost that to a Confederate Surgeon under a flag of truce. Amazingly, a young Middletown resident and battle witness had kept that same Confederate carbine since 1862 and happened to meet Day when he visited the area in 1899. Thomas Day took that weapon home to Indiana.

Ms Matzet has the details thanks to a scrapbook of family papers, clippings, and photographs handed down by her grandmother Hester Lucille Day Warfield. Hester was Thomas Day’s granddaughter. Thanks to them, I can show you two excellent artifacts of that story.

His photograph, in 1899, on a visit to Quebec Schoolhouse:

A transcription of an article in the Middletown Valley Register (1899) telling his battle story and events of that visit:

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