Former Harvard student and West Point Cadet Arthur Forrester Devereux was in business in Chicago by 1854 with partner Elmer Ellsworth. He became an expert in the new Zouave infantry drill, and taught Ellsworth’s Chicago (later United States) Zouave Cadets. By September 1862 he was Lieutenant Colonel, and he commanded the 19th Massachusetts Infantry briefly at Antietam after Colonel Hinks was wounded and until he was himself wounded. He was promoted to Colonel in May 1863 and resigned in February 1864.

The colorful illustration above is on the cover of a piece of sheet music published in Chicago in 1860. The officer with crossed arms is pretty clearly meant to be Elmer Ellsworth, killed in Alexandria, VA in May 1861 – the first Union officer to die in the war. That’s him below, in a portrait after a Brady photograph, now in the National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC, photographed by Billy Hathorn.

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