Captain Edward Alfred Brevard “Ned” Cantey took command of the 6th South Carolina Infantry from Lieutenant Colonel Steedman as next-most senior officer present sometime after 14 September and led it at Sharpsburg on 17 September 1862. He was severely wounded there by 4 gunshots to his legs: in the lower left thigh, middle right thigh, the back of his right upper leg, and lower right leg, shattering his tibia.

He was still recovering in July 1863 and was certified as disabled for field service, but served afterward as Major and Commissary of Subsistence, CSA to his cousin General James Cantey, who commanded a Brigade in the Army of Tennessee.

His wartime uniform frock coat, seen here, is in the collection of the South Carolina Relic Room and Museum in Columbia, SC and is undergoing restoration and preservation (2018), thanks to the Artist Preservation Group.

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