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10 April 2006

I was interested to see a large spike in the number of visitors to AotW between about 6 and 9pm eastern time yesterday. Not too surprising, I guess. This coincides roughly with the History Channel Antietam film airing.

We typically only see about 200 people all day on a Sunday. Yesterday we got 1,100.

AotW stat graph, GoogleAnalytics

The majority of these people came from Google searches. Only 3 were referred from the link to us on the HC website about the film series. What does this say about how (these) people use the web?

I can guess that many Googled “antietam” before the TV show to get some background on the battle, and that’s how they found us. I’m inclined to use Google that way myself: like a giant, ever-ready reference source.

How about you?

[I know our visitor stats aren’t terribly impressive. It’s the delta that jumps out here.]

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