An excellent companion to Moore’s Roster for researching North Carolina troops is the 5 Volume Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War, 1861-1865, published by the State of North Carolina in 1901. Editor Walter Clark was Adjutant of the 35th Regiment at Sharpsburg, and later Lieutenant Colonel of the 70th Regiment.

All NC military units – along with an array of related subjects – are represented in one or more articles, and each piece is written by a veteran who served in the regiment, battalion, or battery. Their works range from brief essays to fairly sophisticated unit histories. As a bonus, most include selections of war-period photographs of officers and men. There are hundreds of faces altogether across the volumes.

Bethel Regt - from Clark's Histories

These volumes are available online from both GoogleBooks and the Internet Archive (IA) Collection. I like the IA image quality and paging interface best, so a hyperlinked table of contents (hyperTOC) for that online edition follows …

Clark, Walter, editor, Histories of the Several Regiments and Battalions from North Carolina in the Great War, 1861-1865, 5 vols., Raleigh and Goldsboro (NC): E. M. Uzzell, Nash Brothers, printers, 1901

>> Volume 1 [ flip book (878 pgs) | pdf (25 MB) | full text (1.6 MB) | Kindle (2.1 MB) | ftp ]

Generals | Regiments and Brigades | Naval Officers

Photos: Brigadier Generals from North Carolina (opposite pg. 3)

– State Organizations: Adjutant General (1861-62) | Quartermaster | Subsistence | Ordnance | Pay/Claims | Adjutant General (1863-65)

Bethel Regiment [map Big Bethel, map Battle of Bethel, appendix] | First Regiment
Second Regiment | Third Regiment | Fourth Regiment | Fifth Regiment
Sixth Regiment | Seventh Regiment | Eighth Regiment [map Burnside Expedition]
Ninth Regiment (1st Cavalry)

Tenth Regiment (1st Artillery): Heavy Artillery – Cos. B,F,G,H,K [map New Bern to Goldsborough | Light (Co. C) | Light (Cos. A,D,F,I)

11th Regiment | 12th Regiment | 13th Regiment | 14th Regiment | 15th Regiment
16th Regiment | Addenda to the Ninth Regiment

Officers of the 20th NCST

>> Volume 2 [ book (934 pgs) | pdf (28 MB) | full text (1.6 MB) | Kindle (2.1 MB) | ftp ]

Photos: Lieutenant and Major Generals from North Carolina (opposite title page)

17th Regiment | 18th Regiment | 19th Regiment (2nd Cav) [map skirmishes near New Bern]
20th Regiment | 21st Regiment | 22nd Regiment | 23rd Regiment | 24th Regiment
25th Regiment | 26th Regiment [map battle of New Bern] | 27th Regiment
28th Regiment | 29th Regiment | 30th Regiment | 31st Regiment | 32nd Regiment
33rd Regiment | 34th Regiment | 35th Regiment | 36th Regiment (2nd Arty) [map Ft Fisher]
37th Regiment | 38th Regiment | 39th Regiment

Photos: Brigadier Generals from North Carolina (opposite pg. 727)

40th Regiment (3rd Arty) | 41st Regiment (3rd Cav) | 42nd Regiment

Officers of the 49th Regiment (from Clark)

>> Volume 3 [ book (898 pgs) | pdf (51 MB) | full text (1.6 MB) | Kindle (2.5 MB) | ftp ]

Photo: Zebulon B. Vance, Governor, 1862-1865 (opposite title page)

43rd Regiment | 44th Regiment | 45th Regiment | 46th Regiment | 47th Regiment
48th Regiment | 49th Regiment | 50th Regiment | 51st Regiment | 52nd Regiment
53rd Regiment | 54th Regiment | 55th Regiment [map Longstreet’s Final Assault at Gettysburg]
56th Regiment [map Plymouth and Defences, map Richmond & Petersburg]
57th Regiment | 58th Regiment | 59th Regiment (4th Cav) | 60th Regiment
61st Regiment | 62nd Regiment
63rd Regiment (5th Cav) [map Middleburg, Upperville, map Reams’ Station, map Boydton Plank Road, map Belfield Raid, map battles to Five Forks]
64th Regiment | 65th Regiment | 66th Regiment (6th Cav) | 67th Regiment
68th Regiment [map Butler’s Bridge] | 69th Regiment

Johnson's Island, Ohio

>> Volume 4 [ book (876 pgs) | pdf (26 MB) | full text (1.5 MB) | Kindle (2 MB) | ftp ]

Photo: US Military Prison, Johnson’s Island (opposite title page)

– Organization of Reserves | 70th Regiment (1st Reserve) [map Butler’s Bridge]
71st Regiment (2nd Resv) | 72nd Regiment (3rd Resv) [maps Bentonville, Averasboro]
73rd Regiment (4th Resv) | 74th Regiment (5th Resv) | 75th Regiment (7th Cav)
76th Regiment (6th Resv) | 77th Regiment (7th Resv) | 78th Regiment (8th Resv)
79th Regiment (8th Cav)| 80th Regiment | 81st Regiment (1st of Detailed Men)
82nd Regiment (2nd Det) | 83rd Regiment (3rd Det)

Supplemental Histories: 16th Regiment | Tenth Regiment

Battalion Histories: Battalion Organization
First Battalion (Sharpshooters) | Second Battalion | Third Battalion (Lt Arty)
Fourth Battalion | Fifth Battalion (Cav) | Sixth Battalion (Armory Guard)
Seventh Battalion (Cav) | Eighth Battalion [map front of Wilmington]
Ninth Battalion (1st Hvy Arty) | Tenth Battalion (2nd Hvy Arty) | 11th Battalion
12th Battalion (Cav) | 13th Battalion (Lt Arty) | 14th Battalion
15th Battalion (Cav) | 16th Battalion (Cav) | 17th Battalion | 18th Battalion
19th Battalion | 20th Battalion | 21st Battalion | 22nd Battalion| 23rd Battalion
24th Battalion | 25th Battalion | Independent Companies

– North Carolinians in other Commands | the Two Brothers

Conscript Bureau | Engineer Corps & Engineer Troops

Photos: Brigadier Generals from North Carolina (opposite pg. 435)

Brigade Histories: Brigade Organization
Anderson-Ramseur-Cox Brigade | Branch-Lane Brigade | Clingman’s Brigade [map Dutch Camp Canal]
Cooke’s Brigade | Daniel-Grimes Brigade | Garland-Iverson-Johnston Brigade
Hoke-Godwin-Lewis Brigade | Martin-Kirkland Brigade | Pender-Scales Brigade
Pettigrew-Kirkland-MacRae Brigade | Ransom’s Brigade | Roberts’ Cavalry Brigade
Gordon-Barringer Brigade

document: A Parole from Johnston’s Army (opposite pg. 583)

Junior Reserves Brigade
Chaplain Service | Medical Corps | Militia | Home Guard

Military Prisons
Life at Johnson’s Island | Letter: Prisoners to Gov. Vance
NC Officers at Johnson’s Island, 1864 | Confederate prisoners at Morris Island, 1864)
– 2 years at Ft. Delaware | escape from Ft. Warren | Salisbury Prison

Bombardment of Ft Fisher (from Battles & Leaders)

>> Volume 5 [ book (958 pgs) | pdf (50 MB) | full text (1.8 MB) | Kindle (2 MB) | ftp ]

Photo: Bombardment of Ft. Fisher (opposite title page)

– List of Historians and Contributors | Number of troops from NC

Photos: Generals from North Carolina (opposite pg. 3)

Number of Generals from NC | Military Courts | General and field officers killed
– where troops stationed Nov 1861 | six heroes | other deeds of daring | NC heroine

Captures and Battles
– forts below Wilmington, Jan 1861 | Manassas | fall of Hatteras | Chicamocomico
– loss of Roanoke Island [map] | Sharpsburg | White Hall
– flank march at Chancellorsville | wounding of Jackson
– Longstreet’s assault at Gettysburg [map] | Pettigrew’s Brigade at Gettysburg
– the Pettigrew-Pickett charge | defence of Ft Wagner | Chickamauga
– capture of Plymouth [map] | 2nd Cold Harbor | Reams Station [map]
Winchester, Sept 1864

illustration: mound battery at Ft. Fisher (opposite pg. 217)

– defense of Ft Fisher [map front of Wilmington, map bombardment of Ft Fisher]
– surrender at Appomattox | … and return home | last days at Weldon | Ft Hamby

North Carolina in the Navy
vessels in NC | NC Navy | the ram “Albemarle” [illustration]
– capture of the “Underwriter” | the steamer Ad-vance [illustration]
– the Shenandoah [illustration] | fight with blockaders | blockade running

photos: blockade runners ‘Advance’, ‘Banshee’, ‘Col. Lamb’ (opposite pg. 357)
illustration: the chase of the ‘Lillian’ (opposite pg. 365)

financial operations in England | NC’s record 1861-65
document: parole of the Army of Northern Virginia (opposite pg. 484)

parole list at Appomattox

– the 1st NC soldier who died | Sixth Regiment at Manassas | NC at Sharpsburg
First Regiment at Gettysburg | Co. F, 26th Regiment at Gettysburg
– capture of Cemetery Hill | 2 Colonels on Gettysburg | Flanner’s Battery at the Crater
– prisoners under fire at Morris Island | 26th Battalion | Co. B, 10th Va Cavalry
– the Home Guards | Home Guards face Stoneman | Hillsboro Academy
– NC Military Institute | U of NC in the War | the last surrender
supplement to parole list

corrections to all volumes

– Index to Parole List at Appomattox | Index to Illustrations

– General Index: units | prisons, battles, etc | names: a-c | d-f | g-i | j-l | m-q | r-s | t-z

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