This is Lieutenant Charles Frederick Williams, Jr. of the 35th Massachusetts Infantry. He was mortally wounded in action at Fox’s Gap on South Mountain on 14 September 1862 and died of wounds in Middletown, MD on 22 September.

His photo is from the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the US, Massachusetts Commandery (MOLLUS-Mass) Civil War Photograph Collection, US Army Heritage and Education Center (USAHEC). The USAHEC, formerly the US Army Military History Institute (USAMHI) has hosted [gone in 2021] the excellent and massive MOLLUS Mass Collection online for at least 10 years (yay!), but they slapped this watermark over everything (boo).

Read more about the Collection history at Carlisle in a 2011 article by Molly Bompane.

update, 10 February 2021

Thanks to Heather Goyette in Ridgway Hall at USAHEC for the following instructions to find the MOLLUS images online:

The digital MOLLUS images … have been uploaded into our current Arena search page … You can then search … by entering the names of people, places, things, etc [in the search box]. As before, be sure to spell them out and not use abbreviations …

Clicking on the “Museum & Archives” tab near the top of the search results page will weed out library-related items …

To browse through individual album images enter “MOLLUS-Mass Civil War Photograph Collection” [in the search box] to see a listing of all digitized albums available, or enter something more specific such as “MOLLUS-Mass Civil War Photograph Collection Volume 4” to see what is available for an individual album. After selecting an album click on “Show linked records” to expand the list, and you can then click on individual image links to open them.

This new search interface will take some practice, but I’m so glad I can get the images again. And no sign of watermarks yet. Thanks USAHEC!

Below is Lt. Williams on page 4943 of Volume 96 of the Collection, with other officers of the regiment, from USAHEC.

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