Surgeon Truman Hoffman Squire, 89th New York Infantry, treated wounded soldiers on the field at Antietam on 17 September 1862 and was afterward in charge of the field hospital known as Locust Spring on the Geeting Farm, Keedysville, MD.

Dr Squire’s list of Cases of Gunshot fractured femurs at Battle of Antietam is online in an exhibit about him from curator Erin Doane at the Chemung County (NY) Historical Society.

Addendum – April 2024

My transcription of the list above; click his name to see more about that soldier.

Name Rank Regiment Co. date of wd Treatment Result Remarks
*W—– William Priv 35th NY ” 13 Oct both thighs
Grodwant Phillip Private 89th NY G 17th Simple death Died 3 days after battle
Johnston John Pri 9th NY H Amputation pyemia 16 days
Needick Adam Sergt ” [89th] B ” 8 ”  ”  “
Courtney [Charles] Pri ” [89th] F Amputation of tetanus 6 days after
Van Ingen [Gerrit] Adjt. ” [89th] diarrhea 5 ”  “
Hutchinson Robt Priv 7th S.C. B Recovered Second amputation
*Weeks Benj 89th A abcess in stump
Penfield Ch 16 Ct G Simple died Nov. 26th
Adams Henry M Recovered very little deformity
Ard G. W. 2 Geo. K Amputation c–cation of elbow
Williams P. K. Corp E Simple slight deformity
Gartot J. F. Pri 8. La. A died Nov 26. bone un==
Hyde Theodore Corp 9th NY D Recovered 3 inches th–ring
Forbes O. P. Sergt A ” [died later] grape shot. Upper h–. deformity
Eddy Sergt. [George] S Corp 23 Ohio I e–n [?] toe
Davis Edmund 35 Mass ” ”  full cut out
Harvey Samuel 4th R.I. B ” [died later] Protracted
Fairbrother [Allen] Priv 118 Pa 20th Ext– died about Nov 1st
Wilson Orvil 16th Ct F 17 Simple 3 Nov. Dishthe–
Sweetman Henry 9th NY A Oct 27th —
Lay Harris 16th Ct G about 1st Nov

*could find no soldier matching these 2 names

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