Richard M Gustin

7 March 2020

This page from Martin D. Hardin’s Twelfth Regiment Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps … (1890) describes the accidental death of Richard M Gustin in Elmira, NY in 1877. He was then 49 years old.

In 1860 he was a photographer – “Daguerrean Artist” – in Troy, Bradford County, PA. By June 1861 he was Captain of Company C of the 12th Pennsylvania Reserves, and he commanded the regiment as senior officer at Antietam. He was the Lieutenant Colonel of the regiment at muster-out in June 1864 and was brevetted Colonel in March 1865.

His photograph in Lieutenant Colonel’s uniform is from the frontpiece of Hardin’s history, which is online from the Internet Archive.

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  1. Alisha Bott says:

    I purchased some photographs from an online auction from an estate sale I believe I have a old early photograph of Abraham Lincoln was wondering if anybody could help identify it was taken by photographer Richard M Gustin and I was hoping I could get contact information for somebody that may be able to assist as the photos online or in archive don’t seem to match but the back of the picture does have Abraham Lincoln‘s name on it and I found it stuffed in an old photo album thank you

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Alisha,

    I’m no expert, but some Wikipedia contributors have compiled a collection of every known photograph of Abraham Lincoln. That would seem a good starting point for comparison with your picture.

    Gustin is not listed among Lincoln’s photographers, but several are by unknown persons, so I suppose it’s possible.

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