While looking into the cavalry action at Quebec Schoolhouse (near Middletown, MD 13 Sept 1862) and some men of the regiment, I noticed this plaque for the 3rd Indiana Cavalry on their monument on the Antietam Battlefield.

I’m sure this is news only to me, but it turns out that half of the regiment – the East “wing” or battalion – was with the Army of the Potomac and at Antietam. It consisted of Companies A through F and was commanded by Major George Chapman.

The West wing (Cos. G,H, I, & K) was in the Army of the Ohio and was in the vicinity of Perryville, KY in the fall of 1862, then under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Jacob Buchanan.

I think Major Chapman’s name should have been on that monument instead of Colonel Buchanan’s. What do you think?


The 3rd Indiana Cavalry monument is online from the Antietam National Battlefield Park.

The 1863-64 photograph of (then) Colonel Chapman is from the Library of Congress.

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