R.H. Skinner (1914)

30 December 2021

No, Sergeant Richard H Skinner of the 4th Texas Infantry did not lie on the field at Gettysburg, PA for 17 days without medical attention. Nor did he “remain three months hovering between life and death” afterward.

He was badly wounded at Gettysburg on 2 July 1863, captured at Cashtown on the 5th, in a field hospital till the 17th, then in the big US hospital at Chester, PA until deemed “well” – on 17 September – and sent South for exchange.

It makes a good story, though.

And I was very glad to find this, his obituary in the Confederate Veteran magazine of January 1914. I had been unsuccessfully searching for a connection between this Texas soldier and Loudoun County, VA for about an hour before I did.

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